Japanese Kimono Fabrics

Japan has always created some of the most incredible fabrics in the world. We have a variety of colors, weaves, and types, from traditional to unusual. Most are excellent condition vintage silks, wools and cottons. Some are cut to your order from a bolt of unused vintage fabric. Some are pieces that used to be kimono, now taken apart for us, cleaned and pressed and in beautiful condition given their age. Some may have creases from previous seam lines or a few small notches on the long edges, which will usually be clear in the photos. The selection always changes - most are one of a kind and they often sell out quickly. Find your treasure!

Most of these fabrics were created decades ago in small workrooms, and their exact history and production methods are not documented.  Many kimono fabrics are created once, for one 13-yard bolt only. We recommend dry cleaning to preserve lustre, texture and color. However, many people hand wash their silks gently with mild shampoo or hand washing soap, and air dry. Test a swatch first, make sure you are happy with the result, then treat the entire piece that way always, before and after you sew. We've heard of many ways to clean silk - there's no one right way. The internet is full of suggestions you may want to research.

Most of our Japanese fabrics were made partly or wholly by hand, using several different processes. Please forgive the artisans if there are minor imperfections; hand made fabrics are usually not perfect. And forgive the years; most of these are many decades old and may have a few blemishes; hopefully not too many. These fabrics are so beautiful we hope you agree they are worth the occasional unusual feature.