Japanese Kimono Fabrics

Japan has always created some of the most incredible fabrics in the world. We usually have a variety of colors, weaves, and types, from traditional to unusual. Most are excellent condition vintage silks, wools and cottons. Some are cut to your order from a bolt of vintage fabric, and some are pieces that used to be kimono, now taken apart for you.  The selection always changes - most are one of a kind and they often sell out quickly. Find your treasure!

Your fabric may have been made with natural, obscure fibers, dyes and techniques that are undocumented and mysterious. It was probably created in a studio or workroom, rather than a factory, which is why it's so unique.  As far as cleaning goes, test a swatch first, and make sure you like the results. Then treat the entire piece that way always, before and after you sew. We've heard of many ways to clean silk - there's no one right way. Test each fabric first.    

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