Threads on Gray Vintage Kimono Silk Satin from Japan, Small Pieces 6.5" x 14" #4581

  • $7.00

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This lustrous silk is woven with a subtle satin weave so it's very soft and smooth, and the artwork glows. Taupey-gray background with just three colors of 'threads' - or grasses? - sage green, pastel gold, and white. The base silk has a jacquard with sprinklings of small spots and flecks in groups, which adds some glisten. The back is mostly white; the print barely shows. Liquid drape silk is lightweight, flowy, supple and soft.  It may be a subtle crepe weave but is quite smooth and lustrous, not pebbly or dry. This fabric had a former life as pieces from a kimono, and has been disassembled for you to re-love. It's in perfect condition. 100% Silk. Japan. 

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