REMNANT Smoked Rust / Glowing Brown Rustic Vintage Handwoven Kimono Silk from Japan, 1.5 Yard PIECE #128

  • $27.00

Only 1 left!

Coppers, blacks, browns and charcoals, with skinny strands of dark teal in the weave, so thin they're almost invisible. Lots of charcoal slubs and character. This silk is thin and light, soft, supple, not shiny but almost glowing, from all the different colors in the weave. It's slightly crisp, with no drape, but is whispy-light. We believe it's a Tsumugi hand dyed and hand woven from slubby, raw silk fibers with lots of variance in width and structure. t's much like a thin, rustic, lightweight dupioni and to us, drop dead gorgeous. Both sides are the same. This is the last of this silk; it's 14" wide and 1.5 yards long.  Order "1" for the piece. Vintage, never used, excellent condition. 100% Silk. Japan. 


The fabric is waaayyyy better than the photos.  This silk is so complex the camera struggled with all the nuance...

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