SALE, Diagonal Diamonds "Patchwork" Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan 14" x 61" #4688

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Dark indigo blue, several bright oranges and golds, plus purple, white and greens in each 'patch'.  Each diamond is about 2.5" square. Chrysanthemums, maple leaves, plum and cherry blossoms, leaves, mountains, traditional Japanese designs, faux shibori clouds.  Outlined in thin lines of pale gold/apricot. It's like a quilt made from pieces of the same fabric and re-arranged. This silk is very smooth and sleek, almost as sleek and soft as satin. It's lightweight, drapey, flowy, supple and soft. It has some shine. On the back, the colors barely show; it's basically white with flecks from the jacquard that also adds interest and glisten to the front. This silk had a former life as pieces from a kimono, and has been disassembled for you to re-love. It's in beautiful condition. 100% Silk. Japan. 

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