White/Off-White Pearl Shell, 9/16" Iridescent 2-Hole MOP Button 14mm, Butterscotch Tiger Backs, Pack of 50 for $6.00 #LP-46

  • $6.00

Only 6 left!

Off-white, some true white depending on the light, quite iridescent, smooth, sleek and shiny. None are towards gray, yellow or brown. There's a little natural variance in thickness and color - some have rainbows or stripes of light as they glow. Shape and holes are quite consistent. Not thin and not fat; just right. Quite lovely and clearly not plastic, they're glowing, nearly white shell. Last photo shows the backs; we call that look Butterscotch Tiger, and many of you use that as the front. 9/16", which is in between 1/2" and 5/8".  Pack of 50 buttons for $6.00.  Order "1" for each pack. 

**TWO FREE EXTRA buttons included in each pack. Just in case :)

These are the same size as LP-67, but these are more iridescent and most have Butterscotch Tiger on the other side. 

Where it reads "Only __ left", that's how many packs of 50 buttons we have available. Not how many individual buttons. 

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