White Oval 11/16" 2-Hole Button, Corozo / Tagua / Vegetable Ivory #SK-562

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Tagua nut is also known as corozo, vegetable ivory, or phytelephas palm nut. Oval shape with two 1.75mm holes, 11/16" the long side, and 1/2" across. They are about 1/8" thick and have a subtle scoop and a bit of sheen. Velvety smooth, sometimes you can see the natural grain of the nut through the color. Light in weight, much nicer than plastic but just as durable, washable and dryable. All sides are off-white / ivory.  From Panama. 

Corozo has been used for buttons and jewelry for over a century, before plastic, and shapes and dyes beautifully. 

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