Royal Blue Tumbled Silky Glass "Sea Glass" Button, 1/2" - 3/4"

  • $1.25

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Frosty, somewhat translucent recycled glass buttons that have been tumbled, so they look like seaglass. Smooth, rounded, silky-surfaced buttons with quite consistent color. See the photos for possible variance in the soft, non-symmetrical shapes. They range from 1/2" on the shortest side, to 3/4" at the most, and are about 3/16" thick with two holes. 

The button makers create these from recycled glass, rather than glass gathered on the shore. (We're not littering as much any more, and actual seaglass was litter... it's getting harder to find, and expensive).  

$1.25 each.  These are darker than the Periwinkle one; see photos below showing both colors to compare.  

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