Textured Red-Orange with Plum Blossoms Vintage Kimono Silk, 14" x 66" #4364

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One of the best things about this silk is hard to see in photos: a jacquard of many many fine grasses - clusters of long, thin, gently curved lines, abstractly arranged and laid over each other. Because they are in the weave and raised a bit from the base of the red, all the colors in the print have a quiet sheen and texture. It's wonderful, and invisible at first.  The colors in the ume (plum blossoms) aren't bright; the green is towards sage, the purple is dusty, the pink is dusty rosey peach, the blue towards faded denim, the gold towards antique bronze. The white is true white. The red is an orange-red.  The lightweight silk is sleek, smooth, flowy, soft and supple. It has light drape and a subtle satin sheen on the front. This vintage kimono fabric was formerly part of a kimono which was dis-assembled for us and is in beautiful condition. It's so much more than it appears at first. Japan. 

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