Salmon Pink Bingata Tsumugi Handweave Vintage Kimono Silk by the Yard from Japan #222

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Raw silk Tsumugi Pongee from Japan. Traditional bingata floral with iris, chrysanthemums, plum and cherry blossoms, ponds and streams, homes, bridges, water wheels. The background color is pink towards salmon or coral, not orange at all, and very consistent and smooth. It's a bit more pink than your screen may show. It is a true, hand-stenciled bingata and handwoven Tsumugi, probably from Okinawa. The lightly slubby silk is very soft, with a bit of texture and body, and just a hint of drape. Lightweight, matte finish, no shine.  100% Silk 14" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the beautiful condition, vintage bolt. Japan. Labels and tags are not available but are shown for your reference. 

From Wikipedia:

Bingata (Okinawan: 紅型, literally "red style") is a traditional stencilled resist dyeing technique originating in Okinawa Prefecture. Bingata typically features a busy pattern of repeating nature motifs such as fish, flowers and fauna in a number of bright colours. Bingata is worn during traditional Ryukyuan festivals and traditional arts performances.

Bingata dates from the Ryūkyū Kingdom period (14th century), when the island of Okinawa experienced an influx of foreign goods and manufacturing techniques. It is believed to have developed as a synthesis of Indian, Chinese, and Javanese dyeing processes.

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