Round Black Velvet Corozo Tagua 2-Hole Button 1" #467

  • $1.50

Wide, raised outer rim, gently scooping into the center of this smooth, high quality natural button. The black color is consistently strong and there is almost no grain showing through. The back is smooth with rounded edges.  The velvet finish has barely any sheen. About 1/8" thick.  We have this button in other sizes in other listings.  This is for the 1" size for $1.50 each. 

This is a durable button and machine wash and dry is fine.  Soaking for a long period of time should be avoided. 

Vegetable Ivory/Tagua/Corozo: Click here or here for wikipedia articles about this tropical palm tree nut. Tagua has been used for buttons since the 1880's, before plastic. We love Corozo Nut buttons and their better-than-plastic look and feel; corozo is warm, mid-weight, smooth, not shiny. It takes dye beautifully and is durable. 

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