Iridescent White Shell Square Button. 9/16-5/8" Size. Pack of 4 buttons. # 687

  • $7.50

Only 27 left!

Natural White iridescent Mother of Pearl button. A very good quality, fairly thick (almost 1/8") for its small size, 2-hole button with beautiful sheen, for blouses, children's garments, etc. Each one is hand made so there is slight, charming variance.  Raised rim, rounded square. They look delicate but are quite strong. They are white; almost bright white.  Sold in packs of 4. 

Where you see "Only ___ Left", that is how many packs we have left, not how many individual buttons. 

This is for the 5/8" size. This batch came in slightly smaller, about halfway between 9/16" and 5/8".  So, about 19/32"

$7.50 for a pack of 4. 


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