REMNANT Silk Chiaroscuro Jacquard in Deep Teal. 3/4 yard piece #390

  • $25.00

Only 1 left!

Light and flowy with excellent drape, this luxurious, sleek silk is a baroque-inspired, lush floral jacquard in deep turquoise teal. The weave makes parts of the art turn dark gray, almost black, as it changes in the light. Soft, and smooth, no texture, with lots of sheen, color play, and drape. More towards green or blue? Depends on the light; I see it as usually a bit more towards blue. The back is almost a match to the front with the reverse areas in shine and matte, light and dark. Sleek and supple. Good for shirts, blouses, dresses, lingerie, linings. 100% Silk. 

45" wide. This is for one piece 3/4 yard long for $25.00

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