Pastel Rainstorm Crepe Vintage Kimono Silk 7" x 42" #4638

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Soft pastels; lilac/mauve, taupey gray, steel blue-gray and cream, blending together with diagonal pastel rain-streaks over them all.  Silk crepe with a subtle texture - not as deeply textured as most chirimen. Lightweight, drapey, supple, flowy and soft, with a dry hand and no shine at all. The back is basically cream; the print barely shows.  Years ago these pieces were part of a kimono, recently taken apart stitch by stitch, cleaned and ironed for you to re-purpose. To help you judge the scale of the print, the last 3 photos are 14" x 42" or a bit longer. Excellent condition. Some previous seam lines may have creases. 100% Silk. Japan.

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