Orange Star-Hexagon Pongee Kimono Silk from Japan By the Yard #327

  • $11.00

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Vibrant print with a detailed faux patchwork and off-white background. The 'quilt blocks' are all straight edges - images of fabric prints within stars within hexagons. Hexagons / tortoise shell shapes are important in Japan - tortoises are said to live for thousands of years, and these "kikko" designs signify longevity, good luck, congratulations, and good fortune. 

This silk pongee is very light weight, fine and thin, soft and a bit sleek, with a hint of shine and body.  It holds a crisp fold, feels smooth to the touch and has a slight rustle. It's not drapey or supple or flowy. The subtle, fine ribs in the weave aren't raised or lowered; they add visual interest but you can't feel them.  On the back, the print is about half as strong and the background is more towards light gray. 

 14" wide, 100% silk from Japan, in perfect condition. Sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in one long piece from the never-used, vintage, bolt. 

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