Jewel Wing Dragonfly Sew-Down, Blue, by Susan Clarke 2" #SC-944

  • $15.00

Only 6 left!

Exquisite dragonfly, metal painted by hand in Susan's California studio, one at a time. They have a 2" wingspan, and head to tip of tail they measure 1.5". They all have blue bodies, and gold plus jewel tones in the intricately detailed, hand painted wings. They do not have a button hole - you sew them down, at one or a few of the thin areas, as an embellishment. They are relatively flat; the wings dome up a bit with the clear coating they have, and they're only about 1/8" 'deep'.  We only have eight; that's all she had - and no two will match exactly  - photo shows the variance you can expect. Limited Supply. $15.00 each.

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