SALE Giant Trapezoid Button with 3 holes, in 10 colors 2.75". $3.95 each

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Only 24 left!

Longest side is 2-3/4" long. Depending on where you measure they are 3/8" to 1-3/4" across. This sculptural designer button is slightly more than 1/4" thick, made in Europe, smooth, not shiny, tough and durable. Machine wash/dry is fine with this polyamide button that looks like matte finish clay. They feel and sound (when bumped together) like wood.   NOW $1.00 off, only $2.95 each while they last. 

NOTE: To see how many we have in each color, use the drop down menu for 'color', click on the color, and it will show quantity available of that particular color. For the next color you're interested in, if the quantity doesn't change when you click on it, try refreshing/re-booting your screen. 

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