Muted Purple Mountains Textured Vintage Kimono Wool Blend from Japan, By the Yard #734

  • $15.00

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Slubby stripes are woven, not printed, with mountains every 14" in black embroidery, or pale pink and more subtle on the other side.  This vintage kimono fabric looks and feels like textured, cross-dyed quilting-weight cotton or a blend of silk/cotton. However, the old label translates from the Japanese to 44% Wool, 38% Rayon, 12% Poly, 5% Hemp, 1% Silk. The rayon and poly soften the wool a lot - it doesn't feel woolly, scratchy or coarse at all. Mid-lightweight, supple but not drapey, with a bit of body and no shine at all. There is quite a bit of black in the weave -  it reads as subtly striped muted dark purple. The mountain designs measure about 3" x 1" and alternate how they read each time: right side up, upside down, right side up, etc.  We think the weave, color, mountains and stripes are too consistent to be handwoven. 14" wide and sold by the full yard; we'll cut yours in a continuous piece from the vintage, excellent condition bolt. Japan. One of a kind limited supply. 

If any of the photos look like the purple has yellow or gray areas, that's just the camera confused by all the color and texture in the weave; in reality the purple color is smooth and even throughout. 

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