Dark Golden Amber Velvet Agoya Shell 5/8" 2-hole Button, Pack of 24 #1212-124

  • $19.50

Only 9 left!

Mesmerizing, softly metallic, coppery, dark golden amber. High quality 5/8" Agoya shell button is not quite 1/16" thick. Just enough of the natural shell's glow comes through to create a lovely sheen, iridescence and some natural shell variance. Velvety, not quite shiny, not quite metallic. In some lights they go towards golden brown.  (Clearly these are not plastic buttons!)  The backs are various tones of dark brown and gold shell.  Satiny, smooth, for your best uses. Diameter: 15mm / 5/8" or slightly smaller.

Sold by the Pack of 24 for $19.50

Where you see "Only __ Available", that's how many packs of 24 we have available, not how many individual buttons. 


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