Blue Mystic Tribal Ikat Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #269

  • $19.00

Only 12 left!

Blues, grays and muted purples, woven in a rustic, complex ikat with a primitive, folk art look and just two different large shapes, repeating in rows geometrically. The lighter tones create a blurry look mostly from the smaller details in the design. The large ovals and four-sided shapes are 3.5" x 4". This silk is thin, light, a bit crisp with lots of body and no drape, with some texture from the different fiber thicknesses, slubs and other rustic features. No two areas will exactly match. True ikat: the back is just the same.  It's unusual: not as 'silky' or soft as most Japanese silk, but feels absolutely natural; almost as if there may be some bast in the weave. Held up to the light you can see through it a little. Might it be quite old?   Sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in one piece from the vintage, excellent condition, unused bolt.  100% Silk, 14" wide. Japan. 


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