SALE Rustic Old Authentic Copper Indian Head Penny Button Circa 1883-1900, 3/4", LARGE Shanks, #RV-1

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The coins are genuine Indian Head copper pennies from 1883-1900. Then someone, we know not who, attached a large loop shank, and buffed them, we think in the 1970's.  No two are exactly alike - they're very old, circulated, used, real coins. Some have more detail, some are lighter or darker, and some are so worn the date is hard to read.  They have a rich copper color with some sheen. A few are very dark towards black; let us know if you may want those rather than the more copper, brighter ones. 

If you have a preference for year of the coin, let us know and we'll do our best. 

3/4" diameter or slightly less, and almost 1/4" thick.  This includes the large thick copper loop shanks with an opening around 6mm. So they will fit thicker leather or cording than our Item SW-56. Both were made from beautiful old copper pennies. 

$6.75 each on sale, limited supply. 

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