White River Shell 4-Hole 5/8" Rimmed 15mm Button, Pack of 10 # LP63

  • $4.00

Only 3 left!

Beautiful high quality, classic 5/8" true white river shell button is rimmed and about 1/16" thick. Just enough of the natural shell's glow comes through to create a lovely sheen and iridescence. (Clearly these are not plastic buttons!)  Satiny, smooth and thick, with some natural variance and inclusions that may flash in the light. The backs are flat and mostly true white like the fronts; you may like that side more. Natural Freshwater shell. Diameter: 15mm / 5/8".  Hole size about 1.75mm.

If you see a green or gray cast we apologize; that's the camera confused by the iridescence. The buttons are white. 

They match our other White River Shell 4-Hole buttons in other sizes. 

Pack of 10 for $4.00

Where you see "Only __ Left", that's how many packs of 10 we have available, not how many individual buttons. 

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