Green Sparkly Bubbles Vintage Glass Buttons 3/4" Card of 4. #BK123

  • $15.00

Only 4 left!

3/4" diameter, radiantly glowing dark green glass buttons in perfect condition. Tiny bubbles create wonderful sparkle and blend into the green glass so they're not very strong. Smooth domed top. Self shank with a small hole. 

Years ago in Europe, these early 1900's buttons were made, bought brand new, never used and stored carefully for over 70 years. Our supplier had them shipped from her family in Europe, here to the US. She had them in storage for many years then recently printed new cards using vintage art, and sewed the buttons on by hand. So the 2.5" x 4" cards are reproductions and the buttons are antique European glass buttons in new, perfect condition. We think these are Czech. 

One card of 4 buttons for $15.00. Four cards available. 

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