Blue Hedgerow Indigo/ White Large Porcelain Button, 1-1/2"

  • $6.00

Only 14 left!

Porcelain Hedgerow button was created in the studio of London ceramic artist Kate Holliday.  This is the largest size button she makes, 1-1/2" diameter. It's about 1/8" thick and white on the back. These buttons were cut from a larger piece of art and there are 11 different designs; see the last photo of all of them, numbered.   If you'd like a certain mix just email Nancy at, or call 505-699-9884.  Otherwise we'll pick for you; they're all wonderful. Buttons of the same design may not exactly match because they are cut by hand and the art may be positioned slightly differently, but they will be very similar or just like the photos.  #5 and #11 are sold out but we still have all the others. Limited Supply  $6.00 each. 

We currently have:

Number 1:  We have 2.

Number 2: We have 2.

Number 3: We have 1.

Number 4: We have 2.

Number 5: We have 0.

Number 6: We have 2.

Number 7: We have 1.

Number 8; We have 2.

Number 9:  We have 0.

Number 10: We have 2.

Number 11: We have 0.

Hand or machine wash, gentle. Turn garment inside out and use a washing bag or pillow case.

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