Teal Blue Dark Bright 1/2" Pearl Shell 2-hole Button, 6 for $5.20 #182-D

  • $5.20

Only 6 left!

Beautiful, high quality, shiny dyed Mother Of Pearl shell button, in rich, bright, saturated dark teal/turquoise/peacock blue, darker, brighter and more blue than the last batch. The shell's natural glow comes through the color, and creates a lovely sheen and iridescence. The color is dark and rich - clearly these are not plastic buttons! The backs are mottled gray-brown natural shell, shown in the photo with the ruler. Satiny, glowing, thin, natural with lots of variance, for your best uses. Diameter: 13mm / 1/2".  

Pack of 6 buttons for $5.20. Where it reads "Only ___ Left", that means how many packs of 6 are currently available. Not how many individual buttons. 

Wash gently by machine or hand. Avoid dry-cleaning.

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