Green/Red Abstract Still-Tied 6.3 Yard Bolt of Vintage Kimono Wool #353

  • $94.50

This wool is still bundled, folded and tied and it looks to be in perfect condition; the tags are all there and though we have not untied or opened it, it seems fairly new, possibly not vintage. It's so soft, it may be a type of Japanese wool flannel, with a herringbone weave. It seems supple, not at all stiff or crisp; more likely to be drapey than to have body. Wonderful Fall tones: deep gold-kissed greens, dark red, teal, black, a bit of gray. This bolt is 5.8 meters/6.3 yards, 14" wide, still tied with white thread to a size of 7" x 14.5" x 1" thick. It weighs 26 ounces.  $94.50 for the bolt works out to $15.00/yard. Order "1" for this 6.3 yard bolt of 100% Wool from Japan. 

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