Wine Dominos Vintage Japanese Chirimen Crepe Kimono Silk 13.5" x 61". #4314

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Wine dots in sizes from 1/2" to 1", probably hand dyed or possibly printed with a painterly look, on what seems like squares of faded red paper. What a print!  This quite old lightweight chirimen crepe silk has a very textured pebbly crepe surface, dry hand, no shine, some drape but also a bit of body. On the back, all the wine dye has soaked through so the spots are very clear, and the light red is less detailed and reads as dusty rose. Wish I could have watched them create this one; I'm thinking it must have been done by hand with stencils and sponges. It's a treasure. These are vintage silk pieces that were once part of a kimono, recently carefully disassembled for us/you. This 100% kimono silk is in beautiful condition. Japan.  

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