Orange-Kissed Gold Windmills & Birds Kimono Silk by the Yard DS1220-1

  • $17.00

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Bright golden yellow with red, green and black in this complex kasuri weave that is traditional in the area of Okinawa where this was woven. The red symbols are birds, and the windmill-like patterns in black signify the flow of water and clouds. The bright yellow is shot with red which comes through as a deeper glow; a little kiss of orange.  This silk is incredibly soft, tightly woven with many, very soft slubs. It's slightly shiny and slightly crispy; perfect for an amazing, subtly glowing and absolutely soft shirt. This silk is what we know here as the finest shantung. Both sides are the same in this true ikat. Vintage kimono silk in perfect condition from Japan. Woven by hand on a small loom.

14" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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