Whispering Gray Indigo Kimono Piece 6" x 80" #4051

  • $20.00

A complex, difficult, mysterious print with endless tiny dots creating and obscuring lush exotic flowers in ochre, ivory, red, indigo, charcoal. This is one of the more detailed Edo Komon prints we've seen - Edo Komon prints are dyed by hand using small spots of dye, and this one has sooo many small dots, and some metallic gold which is more difficult to work with and more epensive. The result is stunning; there are blocks of different-sized dot art, so the subjects behind the 'windows' seem to be visually changing. It may be lightweight wool; it's not as soft or drapey as most silk. These kimono pieces are in perfect condition but they need some time in the sun to air out the vintage smell. Japan. 

Note, these are smaller pieces. Most of the photos show the original 14" width so yours will be about half that width. 

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