Warm Taupe Antique-Look Floral Kimono Silk Pieces 6.5" x 58" #4014

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Peonies, chrysanthemums, cherry and plum blossoms and other flowers.The colors are all muted; even the silvery blue leaves are softly metallic and understated. The print was created to have an antique textile look. The background is a purply taupe color mixed with flecks of reds and greens. It is chirimen crepe silk with a very textured pebbled surface. The back is much lighter; the print barely shows. Dry hand, lots of drape and no shine at all. Vintage kimono silk from a former life as a kimono, this floral silk is in perfect condition.  Japan.  

Note, photo below showing the whole long piece is one of the 14" wide pieces; the pieces in this listing are narrower. 

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