Violet/Black Raw Wild Silk Rustic Handloom from India. Tussar 2-2/3 Yard Piece. #3173

  • $83.20

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Natural wild raw silk handloom, from the silk of, wild silk moths in India, whose silk makes fine, glowing tissue tussar. Handwoven, the warp is black, the weft brilliant violet/purple with lots of slubs and striations. This silk is quite thin, a bit sheer and almost like drapey, supple paper. The iridescence turns black and magenta, with rich violet. Textile lover's dream!  Stripes run crosswise, from selvedge to selvedge.  Dry clean or test first then handwash cool and air dry. India. 

100% Silk, 38" wide. This is the only piece, it's 2-2/3 yards long, at $31.20 per yard, so $83.20 for the piece. 

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