Vintage Silk Crepe Obi in Beautiful Condition; Red, Cream, Chrysanthemums

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Perfect condition vintage obi made from chirimen silk crepe in a fabric especially made for this design; the red stripes are part of the fabric and the red edges where it meets with the cream and the print are feathered by hand-painting. Cream background; not bright white. Colorful mums and foliage; bamboo leaves too. It's lined with a heavier fabric. This is a traditional Nagoya obi from Japan, designed for unmarried or young women. The silk is classic Japanese chirimen crepe with a pebbly texture. It looks brand new but is probably quite old; no flaws or stains that we found. 

 Katazome is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil. A rice flour mixture is applied using a brush or palette knife. Pigment is added using hand painting, immersion, or both. Where the rice flour paste covers and permeates the silk, dye applied later will not penetrate. 


12" x 145" total length.  The wide portion is 12" x 44". Then it narrows to 6" x 100" for the belt part. It would be beautiful table covering. 



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