Two Purples Ziggy Crinkle Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #313

  • $15.00

Only 9 left!

It looks a bit like shibori but no -  it's a complex dimensional jacquard with not-crisp, soft crinkles created in the weave.  They become long zig-zag stripes about 1/2" apart, running through the length of the bolt. The stripes have slightly lower and higher areas, with the dark purple that seems hand-painted and not quite solid, on the zig-zag 'peaks'.  The background is light lavender/purple, very consistent in tone. The back looks almost the same, softly crinkled with the zig-zag effect, without the dark purple.  Soft, lightly, calmly crinkled zig-zag stripes, supple, flowy lightweight silk, in beautiful condition. 14" wide vintage kimono silk from the bolt. Sold by the yard and we'll cut yours in one piece. Japan.

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