Two Peaches Shibori Vintage Furisode Kimono Silk WHOLE BOLT from Japan #284

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Furisode kimono are the most formal style of kimono worn by young unmarried women in Japan. They have very long sleeves, up to 33" long, are highly decorated, quite expensive and time consuming to design and make. The placement of each designed area is carefully considered as to the furisode's construction for a most beautiful look when worn. Furisode kimono are often either rented or bought by parents for their daughters to wear on Coming of Age Day in the year they turn 20. 

This silk is pale peach-pink and white overall shibori with depictions of ponds in darker peach, and gold flowers and plants.  This glowing silk is very lustrous and gleams with a bit of satin shine. It has crinkles from the shibori work, one area of embroidery, and is very soft, drapey, flowy and supple. This bolt is 14.5" wide and 15 yards long, with 11 areas of design work spaced so that they would appear in the right places on the finished kimono. They are various sizes from 23", to about 8". It's in excellent condition and you'll receive the whole bolt. This silk is not being sold by the yard. The bolt is $140 with free US shipping. Add "1" to your cart for the bolt. 


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