SALE Turquoise Colorblock Shibori Diamonds Kimono Silk Pieces 6" x 13" #4060

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The silk itself is a soft, supple, gleaming jacquard in radiant light aqua-turquoise. The tiny shibori squares are shades of pink, green and gold. Each diamond is about 2" x 2", with 121 tiny shibori squares - 11 rows of 11 each. Each diamond's shibori colors are arranged uniquely, so this silk is wondrous.  This is a true shibori, quite bumpy-textured.  It involved many many hours of handwork, and the back looks almost the same; both sides are beautiful.  Liquid drape, lightweight flowy pure silk in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono. Japan.

The photo showing the long piece is this fabric at full original 13" width; your pieces will be about half that width. 

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