Turquoise/Aqua Floral + Gold Embroidery Vintage Silk Sari, 43" x 198", Saree #SR48

  • $65.00

This light, fine, flowy, soft, slightly sheer silk sari from India is 5.5 yards long. The "Main," 4.6-yard-long portion's print is a stunning floral in many blues and greens, plus some dusty purple, on off-white background. It's very well done - wonderful detail, artwork and colors, like a very high end block print on silk. This print quality is on a par with Liberty of London prints - pretty much perfect. A far cry from most cotton block prints from India: no comparison. The last photo captures it best but in reality it's prettier and more nuanced. 

That portion also has very soft, supple 3" wide gold brocade borders on both selvedges. That's most of the sari, all but 31 inches. Then there is 31" of the fancier Pallu portion with the same type of gold brocade as the borders, but larger flowers, rows of designs and solid gold embroidery/brocade. It has fine detail, slight sheen and supple softness. It doesn't look or feel too bright, shiny or stiff like true metallic thread sometimes does.

As with most saris, the main portion, the pallu and the borders are all one piece of fabric.  It does have a Fall, a strip of 4" wide silk, sewn to part of the inside bottom edge of the sari. It helps the sari hang and drape properly, and protects from damage when walking.  It's on the first 2 yards of the "Main" portion, exactly behind the border, on one selvedge, sewn so carefully that it's basically invisible from the front. Like a partial lining, in a way.

 This vintage sari is in excellent condition. We see no signs of wear at all. The fabric is what we know as high end lightweight habotai silk, very drapey, smooth, soft, light, flowy and supple. It has lustre and a slight sheen from its soft surface, but isn't shiny per se. The print on both sides is vivid and strong and we can't tell the difference, but the wrong side of the gold brocade is clearly the wrong side.  This sari is a bit more than 5.5 yards long and 43" wide, 100% Silk from India. Weight about 10 ounces.  Order "1" for this one of a kind stunning blue sari.  

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