Silvery Steel Blue-Teal Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #259

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The base jacquard of this very light silvery gray steel blue, very pale teal silk is small triangles, almost touching, row upon row. They are shine only, from the weave. Some of the photos make them look stronger than they really are; in actuality they're more subtle and less distracting. The background has line art of large flowers in darker, but still light, teal.  Then the flowers in brick, more blues and grays, with gold outlining on some. They are spread out and in different positions from 3" to 12" apart, some in groups and some alone, and some with butterflies. The large butterflies are in various colors throughout the bolt and all those colors and the gold were probably hand-painted individually in this high end silk. Liquid drape, lightweight, flowy, soft and supple. The back is similar but the flowers and teal outlines are blurry; the colors come through a bit but not all the way, and there is no gold.  14" wide and sold by the full yard; we'll cut yours in one piece from the pristine condition, never used, vintage bolt. Originally designed to be a short kimono haori coat. 100% Silk, Japan.

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