SALE Tangerine Chirimen Hand Painted Kimono Silk By the Bolt #621

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The silk is called Shishu Yuzen Tsukesage Silk. Shishu is embroidery, Yuzen is a resist dyeing technique involving the application of rice paste to fabric to prevent color transfer of dye to areas of the fabric. Those are the white areas that are then handpainted. Tsukesage is the type of ornate, special and formal kimono where the design appears on certain areas of the kimono, such as one shoulder, the lower portion of the back and front, parts of the sleeves, etc. The areas with artwork are completely hand drawn and hand painted, and there are several types of embroidery, some with gold.  Rare and hard to come by, with very drapey, supple chirimen crepe and expert artisan work. 

There are 10 areas of artwork. Each is individually designed and different in size and position on the kimono, so the work involved in this silk is extensive.  They range from small 6" areas, up to the largest and most ornate which is 28" in length. Specifically here are their sizes, in length: 46", 28", 6", 26", 8", 25", 17", 8", 15", 11".  In between them, precisely spaced to create an ornate formal kimono, are solid orange in areas from 10" to 84". 

This vintage silk was made in Kyoto, decades ago, has been carefully stored and is in perfect condition. 

14" wide and sold by the full bolt of 14.5 yards. 

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