Sunlit Copper Chirimen Crepe Vintage Kimono Silk 6" x 38". #4290

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Blends of ochre, mustard, olive, sienna, copper, dusty teal, many coppery oranges and rusts.  A vibrant print with hillsides, birds, flowers, bridges, farmlands, rivers and plants. Tucked in here and there, symbols of waves, good luck and prosperity, fans, rolls of silk.  All the colors were applied by hand and blended together - they have a watercolor feel -  and the images are done with softened, chalky, cream linework.  This is classic, pebbly chirimen crepe silk, very drapey, with a dry hand, lots of texture and no shine at all. Vintage kimono silk from a former life as a kimono, in perfect condition from Japan.


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