Mulberry Speckles Vintage Kimono Chirimen Silk Crepe By the Yard # 683

  • $14.00

Only 13 left!

Deep reddish-purple-plum-wine background is solid, saturated, rich and even, behind the millions of lighter mulberry flecks and spots. Chirimen crepe silk created for a kimono; it has variation in silk fiber thickness mostly in the weft, a beautiful texture similar to shantung, but with no shine. It also has a subtle pebbly crepe texture. It has a bit of body and a bit of crispness, a dry hand and no shine. On the back, the print is very similar but the flecks and speckles are closer together.  14" wide high end 100% silk is in excellent condition and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours from the vintage, never used bolt. Japan

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