Singing Waves Sheer Vintage Kimono Silk Ikat Meisen 14" x 97" Piece #23150

  • $58.00

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A 97" long piece of unique vintage meisen, Japanese silk organza for summer kimono, in red woven with raisin and cream, creating blurred edges in the abstract undulating currents, swirls, bubbles. The red and cream 'stripes' divide the length in half, and there's a darker red 2" stripe within the 7" red one. The 'currents' completely fill the cream half and spill over into the red half about every 7" - 11".  Along with feathered edges in the design, another hallmark of vintage meisen is that the back and front look just the same. This very light, sheer organza silk is smooth, crispy and has body and a slight stiffness.  Vintage kimono silk from Japan, never used and in beautiful condition.  Its size is 14" x 97".  It is the only piece we have. 

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