Simple Beauty, Fall Colors Kimono Silk Crepe Small Pieces, 6.5" x 13.5" #3801

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This print is full of simple paintings of plants and animals important to Japan. The autumnal colors are all muted. Indigo, lighter blue, olive, sand, purply reddish brown, gray. We're guessing natural dyes, possibly hand woven, certainly hand dyed probably with stencils, one color at a time. Each vignette has a bright white outline curving around. Front and back look almost exactly the same. The silk itself is such a strong crepe that it has tiny waves and crinkles; it's quite textured - almost like bark cloth - and has a bit of body. Vintage silk in pristine condition from its former life as part of a kimono.  Japan. 

The photo of the whole piece below is a 14" wide piece; yours will be almost half that width. 

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