Silk Sari Kantha, Wine Multi, Hand Stitched Patchwork Quilt/Throw 41" x 58" #KN-1

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Lightweight, quilted, and bright, this kantha is made from perfect condition silk saris on the front, and burgundy cotton on the back. The silk sari pieces are around 7" x 10" and we see no two alike. They are quilted with hand stitched traditional Kantha stitches. This Kantha is small; it measures around 41" x 58" and weighs less than a pound; silk kanthas are lighter than the more common cotton ones. Use for a throw, bedspread, wall hanging, or make it into a jacket, etc.  It's glorious, soft, cuddly, puckered and textured, rustic but full of charm. The silks are in pristine condition; this kantha is brand new, not vintage. Made by hand in India. 

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