Silk in the Breeze, Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk 7" x 13" #4442

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We've seen old photos of kimono fabric hanging on frames to dry outside without wrinkling, after washing or during the fabric dyeing process. How wonderful to find a kimono fabric depicting that process.  

Deep eggplant, pastel golden copper, metallic copper, red-orange, gray and white. Huge puffy clouds, fruit blossoms and flowers. These kimono silk pieces have a base jacquard of tiny flecks that are reminiscent of clusters of blossoms, and they add a bit of shine and a subtle texture throughout; a little more nature in the breeze. This is truly a glorious print about life and fabric. It's honoring the textiles that are so important and dear to so many of us.

Lightweight, soft, smooth and slightly crisp, this silk is in excellent condition from its former life as a kimono. Japan. 

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