Sari Kantha, Black/Multi, Hand Stitched Patchwork Quilt/Throw 40" x 60" #KN-24

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With an emphasis on black, this Kantha is made from perfect condition, bright new saris on the front, with gray cotton borders and backing. The sari pieces vary alot in size, and are cut from soft, supple, semi-shiny fabrics, mostly lightweight silks, plus some rayons, cottons, poly and blends.  It's just those two layers, there's no batting or other layers inside.  A few of the fabrics have silver sequins or metallic embroidery.  Made by hand with 'rustic charm', these designers in India have a great eye for combining interesting colors, textures and patterns. The pieces are machine joined and hand 'quilted' with traditional Kantha stitches. It measures around 40" x 60", give or take an inch, and weighs about 13 ounces.  Use as a throw, bedspread, quilt, wall hanging, etc., or make it into a shawl, poncho, vest, bag, wrap or jacket. It's soft, cuddly, puckered and textured, rustic but full of charm. The fabrics are in pristine condition; this kantha is brand new, not vintage. Made by hand in India. You'll get the exact Kantha shown, and between all the photos, we've shown you each fabric at least once. 

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