SALE, Juniper Mix, Round Jasper Beads, 6mm / 1/4" Pack of 28-30 Beads, #LP-29

  • $7.00
  • Save $5

Only 29 left!

Natural Jasper stone, in many earthy browns, greenish browns, reddish tones, burgundies, caramels, taupes, ochres, warm grays - some almost black. They are sleek with the perfect amount of sheen and gloss to bring out the natural colors, and they look gorgeous together. Each bead is pretty much one color; a few are color blended.  They are round, not faceted, and so refective you can see our window in some of the photos. Size: 1/4" diameter or 6mm. Small holes about .5 to 1mm.  When strung, there are about 4 per inch. Most likely no two will exactly match; they are natural stone.  Undyed, this is its natural color, because of different mineral inclusions in the jasper, including hematite, goethite, clay, etc. It is from a specific area in Madagascar. 

You'll get a pack of 28-30 of these beads for $12.00.   If you order 2, you'll probably get them on a strand. 

Where it reads "Only -- Left", that is how many packs of 30 we have left, not how many individual beads.

Now on sale for just $7.00 for 28-30 beads. 

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