SALE, Amethyst Vintage Glass with Gold Streaks, 7/16" Buttons, Vintage, Europe 11mm Pack of SIX #CL-07

  • $5.00
  • Save $3.50

Only 16 left!

Opaque muddy amethyst, semi-shiny glass, one piece with tiny sewing hole. Sparkly coppery gold streaks are different on each button, at least the 50 or so we checked. They may remind you of tiny planets. Vintage from West Germany. As with any vintage item, there may be small imperfections we missed but these seem to be in great condition. They came still tightly wrapped in what looks like 1950's or 60's packaging.  

 $8.50 per pack of six buttons. NOW ON SALE FOR $5.00/PACK OF 6.

Order "1" for each pack of 6 you'd like. 

Where you see "Only __ Left", that's how many packs of 6 we have left, not how many  individual buttons.  

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