Rustic Turquoise/Black/Apricot Stripe Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #730

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This Japanese silk is crispy and rather stiff with lots of body, but also lightweight and thin, similar to no-shine dupioni. Yarn-dyed stripe with lots of black slubs and a rustling sound when it moves. Turquoise, apricot and gold stripes are all cross-woven with black, and depending on the light it can look blue-gray with black lowlights. The apricot stripes are bordered by very thin burgundy stripes. The effect is sophisticated, rustic, earthy, and not quite as 'muddy-slubby' as the photos. In reality it's more towards blue than green, and the colors glow through the black slubs more. (The camera sees more detail and accentuates the texture from the slubs). This silk weighs less than two ounces per 14" wide yard, but clearly will be strong and durable. Both sides are the same. Pure handwoven silk in excellent condition from the never-used, vintage bolt. Cut and sold by the full yard and yours will be in one piece. 14" wide. Japan. 

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