Mud Circles / Silky Copper Vintage Kimono Jacquard By the Yard #239

  • $12.00

Only 10 left!

The caramel and pastel apricot, rustic circles are different sizes, not perfectly circular, not in perfect rows, and have areas where the color is missing or blended with other browns. No two circles are alike; each one was done separately. The silk itself, gleaming copper brown with a subtle satin hand, is elegant, drapey and luxurious.  Both sides of the print are wonderful; the first 8 photos are the more-contrast side which may be the 'front', and the last 3 are the back, with less contrast. The base jacquard is tiny organically-shaped nested diamonds, almost like snakeskin, which add a bit of glisten, but not to the point of being too shiny. Lightweight, flowy, supple, very soft, buttery, drapey silk, with a design reminiscent of Mud Cloth. Artisan, hand dyed, wonderful variance in the look of the circles. The base silk is such a rich coppery brown!  14" wide, pristine condition and sold by the full yard - we'll cut yours in one piece from the never used, vintage bolt. 100% Silk. Japan.

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