Raised Mums on Paprika-Rust Fukureori Vintage Silk Pieces, Japan

  • $35.00

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Paprika/Rust Silk, with the mums created by fukureori, a type of complex jacquard resulting in many different woven patterns that are intriguing and so beautiful! So dimensional they seem embroidered. (Are they?) The mums are about 3" in diameter, and geometric. Areas of white-resist dots on some of the petals and centers. Pure silk, mid-weight with liquid drape from a fancy kimono, vintage fabric in beautiful condition. A rare treasure; these fukureori are difficult and time consuming to create, and this one is a masterpiece. 

The reverse side is the same saturated paprika color, but smoother;  much less of the mum-petals texture and not much white showing through.

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